We are a relationship-driven development company that brings world class expertise to nontraditional real estate projects in the communities we serve.

At Trinity Works, we connect our clients with the finest talent from across disciplines to pioneer revolutionary solutions for the most specific problems. We like to work with the brightest minds in real estate, and we are proud to say that we do. Every project begins with a question, obstacle, or challenge.

We turn these hurdles into golden opportunities, creating visionary projects for our partners and their communities. Trinity Works understands individuality and works specifically to serve the unique requirements of each project. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.


At Trinity Works, servant leadership is the philosophy on which we base every major relationship. Whether it be with clients, partners, employees, families, friends or communities, we put the interests of others before our own. Through this, we hope to foster an atmosphere of collaboration, high-trust and empowerment for those we work with.

Servant leadership is more than just a management style, it is how we draw out, inspire and develop the vision of our partners. We embed ourselves into their projects, combining resources and filling voids to create a team with the unique skill set necessary for their specific project. Families and institutions work with us because we each need each other to be successful, but also because everyone needs someone to serve.

  • Charlotte Sturgis

    Vertical Project Manager

  • Rob Ridgeway

    Project Manager

  • Ashley Lioi

    Assistant Project Manager

  • Allison Schapker

    Director of Design and Sustainability

  • Sarah Linden

    Geographic Info. System Manager

  • Amy Grace

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Tom Wagner

    Project Manager

  • Lewis Halstead

    Field Vertical Construction Manager

  • Rob Seiter

    Field Operations Manager Assistant

  • Carla McCarrick

    Assistant Accountant


Our non-traditional approach maximizes the efficiency of resources for residential and commercial development, emphasizing the conservation and stewardship of the land itself.

Trinity Works functions as innovator, manager and investor on projects–domestic and international–with the ability to take a concept from inception to completion. Working in an advisory role or as a partner, Trinity Works applies global thinking to local markets. Through the collaboration of a strong development team, Trinity Works provides services spanning from idea creation to implementation and marketing, resulting in products tailored to their environment and produced at an exemplary level of quality. We are confident in our ability to enter an endeavor mid-project to assist in development or to turn distressed opportunities into profitable ones.

Every project begins with a question and every question requires a unique response. To see how we have answered questions for past and present clients, visit our case studies.

We answer questions and implement solutions on issues both large and small, at home and a world away. There is nothing that we will not do in the service of our partners and communities.


  • Site Selection
  • Project Entitlement
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Consultant Team Selection & Management
  • Project Financing Strategy & Procurement
  • Master Planning
  • Design Phase Management
  • Contractor bidding & Selection
  • Construction/Vertical Development Management
  • Project Marketing & Branding
  • Property Sales & Leasing
  • Asset/Property/Resource Management
  • Additional Consulting Services


We actively engage in our communities, both individually and as a company. We serve on community boards. We donate our time and professional expertise to local non-profits. We plan and host events to raise funds for a worthy cause. We coach little league teams or sponsor a high school lacrosse team. We establish a PAC to ensure that lack of campaign funds will not deter qualified candidates from obtaining a seat on the school board.

tcu v ttu

TCU v TTU Game Watching Party at Heart of the Ranch

Thursday, September 12th marks the launch of the third year of TCU footbal activities held at the Heart of the Ranch at Clearfork. Fans of both TCU and Texas Tech will gather at the outdoor event space to watch their …

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Sustainability at SBR Part 2: Site Design, Reclamation & Reforestation

The sustainability plan for the Summit Bechtel Reserve began with a genuine affection for the place and its natural elements. By placing good stewardship at the center of the decision-making process, a focus on sustainable infrastructure and design grew into …

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Sustainability at SBR Part 1: The Sustainability Treehouse

Today at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, Boy Scouts and visitors are celebrating sustainability and environmental stewardship. The Sustainability Treehouse embodies the Summit Bechtel Reserve’s site wide goal of sustainable design, infrastructure, and construction practices. The 6,000 square foot facility is …

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Case Studies


The Summit

How do you select the right site for a specific need? Trinity Works began our journey with the Boy Scouts in 2008. We assembled a site selection team to find a permanent home for the National Scout Jamboree, BSA’s iconic …

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Client: The Edwards Family, Cassco Development Co., Inc.  Date: 2002 – Ongoing  Website: www.edwardsranch1848.com Trinity Works’ Role: Development Consultants  Develop a Flexible & Adjustable Master Plan The plans for the Southwest Parkway (now under construction) had been around for more …

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Trinity Works Partners

Trinity Works believes that our strategic alliances and relationships with some of the brightest minds in real estate have propelled us to where we are today. We would like to thank the many talented firms and individuals we have partnered with over the years.

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